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unique one of a kind mandala art

About Me

My Story

Hi name is Darlene. I was born and raised on Long Island, NY and lived there my entire life. My husband and I relocated to this beautiful, rural area in North Florida almost 7 years ago and what a great ride it's been so far!


I re-started my creative journey this year as part of my therapy and it's slowly grown into a hobby that I do daily and I have so many paintings just laying around...homeless... so I figured why not try to sell some of them. I have my dream farm which consists of a small goat herd, a Heifer (pet only), chickens, dogs, and I do private cat rescue (so we have many cats), we also have a rescued flock of pigeons, so much of what I make goes to animal feed, housing and vet care. 


My goal is to provide one of a kind art pieces...with a few odd ball things thrown in for good measure, new and used. I have many items I would like to find new homes for and I just added some Boho Style Bracelets and unique items to my site.


All of my paintings are original and one of a kind, and many are not perfect but getting better as I go. I'm learning Mandala and Dot-Art style and am having a ball learning all the different techniques and tools that are used to create this unique type of art. 


I will gladly make custom Mandala (dot art) pieces upon request with different colors and styles as per the orders. I don't charge extra to customize colors. Also specific sizes and material is a choice, that is what will determine the price, otherwise most of what I do is on canvas board.  Many products are negotiable, as I am running out of room for them all. I try to include shipping in my price but some items that are extra large will incur special rates.

Any questions? Feel free to ask....I'll be happy to share more of my story or listen to yours, talk animals, gardening, homesteading (which we are learning as we go), taking custom orders by phone or email or just answer any other questions you may have.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to getting to know my new customers that will become friends.


Darlene Burns

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